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Permen Coklat Soloco Khusus Untuk Pria Dewasa

Selling Soloco Candy in Jakarta – Maybe many of you who aren’t familiar with Soloco Chocolate are actually? Soloco Chocolate is a chocolate-flavored candy that has so many benefits for adult male health and sexuality. The herbal ingredients in Soloco Chocolate also make it free of side effects.

Yes, this product has natural ingredients that are safe and do not cause side effects to the health of the body. Some of the herbal ingredients that are owned by male sweets today are black chocolate, honey, ginseng mixture and several other herbs.

Some of these herbal ingredients will have a real effect on your stamina and vitality. Even so, your heart stays calm. In other words this product can work optimally without affecting the performance of other vital organs such as the heart, lungs etc.

Well, here is complete information about selling Soloco candies in Jakarta, let’s see the full review below.


Not only does it function to make Mr. P stronger, selling Soloco candies in Jakarta also provides other benefits such as.

  1. Restore blood pressure and reduce high blood pressure.
  2. Helps reduce blood sugar levels in the body.
  3. Increases stamina and repels lethargy which makes the quality of intimate relationships so bad.
  4. Lowers cholesterol.
  5. Making male sex organs become more durable and strong when having sex.
  6. Blood circulation becomes smoother, especially in the Mr.P area.
  7. Overcoming prostate problems.
  8. Strengthens the erection and makes it more durable.
  9. Improve sperm quality and productivity.

Interesting isn’t it, different from strong drugs in general that only benefit male sexuality, but Soloco Chocolate provides more benefits to your health.

However, chocolate flavored candy is not recommended for women. Not because of the side effects or other factors, but because of the benefits of Soloco Chocolate, it doesn’t really work on a woman’s body.


In order for all the benefits of Soloco Chocolate candy to get the maximum, make sure if you know how to consume the rules…?

  1. Just like consuming regular sweets, you can just suck or chew Soloco Chocolate candy.
  2. For one meal, only 1 candy is enough.
  3. It should be consumed 1 to 3 hours before having intercourse, so the effect has been felt to
  4. the maximum and avoid consuming sweets right before having intercourse.
  5. We recommend that you consume Soloco Chocolate candy after meals, especially for those of you who have stomach problems.\
  6. After consuming Soloco Chocolate, you should drink more water.
  7. Avoid milk, coffee, young coconut and other drinks that are neutral, because they can stop performance
  8. Soloco Chocolate candy.

You can feel the benefits of the Soloco candy in 4 days, and for maximum results, make sure if your body condition is fit. For those of you who are taking other drugs from a doctor, you should give a distance between 1 hour before / after consuming Soloco candy so that there is no chemical reaction between drugs and candy.


Some of the ingredients used for making male-only sweets today are Solomon’s mahogany, Australia. Where these ingredients are very useful for maintaining body health, improving blood circulation, improving the body’s immune system and many others.

Unfortunately you can only get the ingredients in the original product, and to get the original product you must be more observant. The first is to find a Soloco Chocolate candy distributor, like us onlyjakarta.com Where, we are an official distributor of Soloco Chocolate sweets that have been experienced for years. No wonder if until now we have become a powerful drug / supply icon in Jakarta.

If the price of Soloco candy is too cheap, this product might be a product, because currently the Soloco Candy Selling business in Jakarta is a promising business, so many parties are trying to fake it.

But no need to worry, because you can get products with guaranteed quality and authenticity from us. Well, here are some characteristics of the original Soloco Chocolate candy product.

  • There is a barcode that is only owned by the original Soloco Chocolate candy.
  • The packaging color is dark brown and with gold alloy in the middle.
  • The selling price is standard, so avoid buying Soloco Chocolate at too low a price.
Do not let you want to get a healthy body and a better quality of sexual intercourse, you actually get fake Soloco Chocolate candy. Here is a list of our Soloco candy prices.
Soloco Candy Promo Price in Jakarta

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